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March 14, 2013

Newslink: New York City Council Passes Two Bills to Aid Sandy Recovery

By: Vicki S. Treanor — Filed under: Compliance, Natural Disasters, New York City Environmental Law, Newslink — Posted at 11:09 am

Crains New York Business reports that two bills related to recovery from Superstorm Sandy were passed unanimously by the New York City Council on March 13, 2013.

One bill creates additional City oversight over the physical elevation of homes, in an effort to prevent home collapse or construction accidents associated with subpar construction work. According to the press release announcing this bill, the legislation requires that:

  • Construction plans clearly state whether a project will involve home elevation work;
  • Contractors give 48 hours’ notice to the Department of Buildings before elevating a home, which will give the Department the opportunity to monitor the work;
  • Home elevation work be done under the supervision of an approved special inspector; and
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs provide education to the public regarding the types of work home improvement contractors can do, and the licenses and permits needed by such contractors to do different kinds of work, including home elevation work.

The other bill  waives fees for various City applications, permits, and inspections associated with the repair or reconstruction of Sandy-damaged property used by small businesses.

For more information about this legislation and other Sandy recovery measures, please contact Michael Bogin or Steven Barshov.